free our world prizes

Are you looking for OurWorld Prizes?

The gives away prizes such as resident upgrade for your account, cheats , codes and others.
Just in simple three steps

  1. Registration :

    Register an account on our web site by entering in your user name , password and your email address in the registration page or in the quick registration sidebar
  2. Get Some Points :

    After finishing your registration go to the earn points page then collect some points then exchange it with your preferred prize
  3. Redeem the Prize(s) :

    When you collect the appropriate amount of points that is equivalent to your needed prize, Kindly go to the Claim Prize page and select your preferred prize then you shall receive it between 3 to 5 days

Facts About Prizes

The Cheats Guide

The most comprehensive cheats guide you will ever find for OurWorld, this cheats guide will give you the ability to do many fabulous improvments to your gameplay and your account.

OurWorld Codes

Simply when you request the codes you want, and after collecting the equivalent amount of points for it, you will receive an email with the requested codes.

Points / Prizes :

49 points = Resident Account Upgrdae
24 points = 4900 Gems
19 points = 3500 Gems
15 points = 1500 Coins
40 points = The Cheats Guide
20 points = Codes/PIN Numbers (TRY)
You need 70 points before you can redeem a prize.
Note : You will get free 10 points directly after registration.

Collect Some Points Now